Merchandising & Branding

The vending machine service is growing rapidly and its future profitability has more room for imagination. In addition to sales of goods, vending machines itself are distributed to areas with high traffic, which makes it a natural resource to advertise. The evident appearance and eye-catching brandings can be a direct presentation to attract consumers. Vending machines can be a huge source of offline traffic to expand profitability.

Apart from being a product service provider, we also provide merchandising opportunities to companies. Our reach is spread across 1000+ corporate audiences, pan India.  Being a first of a kind niche servicing we provide merchandising and branding opportunities. 24×7 brand visibility which conveys the message directly to the target audience, free from any clutter.

We permit brandings for companies to advertise their products on the panel of machines. We are a contemporary service, offering forms of advertising wherein your brand can directly be exposed to varied & right target audience to ensure greater reach. Our merchandising opportunities allow value for money broadcasting, specialized promotions and coverage to the right consumer base.

Our vending services are placed in a variety of locations, depending upon the targeted clientele the merchandiser can discern their advertisement and partner with us FOR NEW LAUNCHES as well. Indeed we got expertise in 360o Marketing Campaign inside corporate houses which helps brand reach the target audience and generate trial of new launches followed by repurchase & repeat purchases.

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