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Vending inside a corporate office!

What exactly is Vending?
Vending is a well known international concept of selling products without having to stand in long ques and waiting in lines. Time and Convenience is what is important today- Vending provides both these elements beautifully.

Benefits of having a Vending machine?

A vending machine offers convenient, fresh availability of snacks and beverages and even other products.

It looks neat, and takes minimal space. Having a vending machine in your office, would be an added service to your esteemed employees.

Grabbit is proud to provide options of more than 300 products with leading food and beverage brands of India.

At Grabbit, we offer :
  • Employees Feeling Valued : When refreshments are available, employees feel their needs are recognized and respected, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity. Has to be!
  • Total Workplace Satisfaction : An extensive variety of the most popular brands of refreshments, state-of-the-art snack and beverage vending machines, commercial coffee makers and special promotions throughout the year gives energy to any workplace.
  • Conveying the Right Image : The ideal break room and meeting-room environment for customers and employees leads to better relationships, higher retention and increased revenue potential.

Modus Operandi?

Grabbit simply installs the vending machine in a convenient location inside your corporate office. Our site inspector would be visiting the location initially for a recee and thereafter the machine would be installed and serviced on a daily basis!