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Grabbit innovative media
Corporate offices   Public places
The vending machine panels(6’ x 3’) doubles up as hoardings in corporate. Grabbit innovative media offers 350+ top notch corporate locations to various brands to reach out to over 45000 discerning and influential target audience every day.   The entire machine can be solo branded and placed in desired public locations like the airports, malls, theatres etc. The product line could also be made available through the vending machine. This helps the brand in creating visibility and availability to lakhs of consumers in a clutter free environment.

Grabbit operates the entire machine on behalf of the brand and the sales proceeds are passed on the brand at the end of the month.
Shelf Display   Innovations
Grabbit provides an opportunity for various brands (food) to be made available in our vending machines across the five locations of our operation. This increases the penetration level in top notch corporates thereby opening up a NEW channel altogether.   a. In solo branded machines either in corporate or public places LCD panels can be placed which will screen detailed information about the concerned brand.

b. sampling or survey activity can be carried out at the corporate on behalf of the concerned brand.

c. Innovations could also be customized as per brand requirements.
At Grabbit,we understand that a successful brand is built on the firm basis of moulding an ideal strategy,knowing your target and how they live,operate,work and think; and then communicating with them.

Grbbit’s reach spreads across 350 + top notch corporate offices and also malls,theatres and airports across five cities in India.
  • First of its kind
  • Niche medium
  • Interactive and cost effective advertising;complete value for money
  • 24 x7 x365 brand visibility
  • Conveys message directly to target group without any clutter
  • Ability to customize messages
  • Can carry out specialized promotions
  • Point of purchase type of advertisements
  • Ability to get feedback
  • Direct exposure to highend consumers such as MDs,Directors and Managers
  • Large and varied target audience in public locations
  • Excellent medium for product launches
  • Complements any other traditional media used by brands/products
  • Assures two very basic and important parameters of retailing,
    a.It ensures complete brand/product visibility
    b.It ensures continuous availability of the brand/product
    24 x 7 x 365