A. We have an association with wide range of brands, however the selection is made
harmoniously combining your views with those of our team of experts.

A. All Products in the vending machine are on MRP.

A. We place only FSSAI Certified products which are well renowned brands & our efficient operations team ensures no expired products or products nearing expiry are ever retailed through periodical AUDITS.

A. Payment mechanisms are integrated part of vending machine. You can choose the traditional payment method which is cash payment or modern digital payment by wallets & cards, Sodexo or have all of them.

A. Affordable, Wide selection, Accessibility, Convenience, Stay in-house, Fast service, Fed and hydrated, corporate wellness and carries no overhead costs.

  1. The machine Costs directly relates to chain of operations & logistics, it needs a capital investment, however apart from it lot of operation activities are involved on daily basis which includes:

Logistics   which involves Refilling of products daily, stocking wide range of products, transiting the products from warehouses to your locations.

  • Maintenance includes Cost of the parts and the cost of service engineer and Breakdown calls.
  • Currency Management.
  • 24 x 7 Customer care Support.
  • Manpower
  • Supervisionr
  • Tracking of Expired Products.

All these integrate to the vending machine services we provide at an operational charge on Monthly Basis. If calculated per day it is more nominal than a Cup of Coffee a Day.

A: Yes, our machines will take notes as well as coins & also refunds the amount without having the hassle of using exact change or force vending second products.

A. Grabbit+ offers a great range of fabulous vending machines that can seem daunting here on the website, it’s true! But a quick phone call to us will soon have your choices narrowed right down to what you really need and have. We listen first, then recommend some options based on your business, number of staff, premises layout and budget. Call 9069067906 and our knowledgeable staff can help you through all the choices available.

A. The most standard Snacks and Beverages vending machine measures 6″H x 3″W x 3″D. However, we have different range of machines with different dimension and features it is best to allow for 6″H x 4″W x 4″D.These dimensions take in consideration the space of the need for air lift movement for the compressor and for the plug

A: We can deliver and install machines within 2 working days after receiving request subject to availability.

A. Grabbit+ Premium Vending Solutions is the only vending service that provides globally available best in class machines to the Indian market. We have the following products for you:

  • Crane Merchant Media Touch Screenfor Snacks and Beverages.
  • Necta Vending Machine especially forPerishable products
  • Personal Feminine CareVending Machine for Sanitary Pads, Toiletries etc.
  • Condom Vending Machine forContraceptive Care.
  • Stationery Vending Machine.
  • I.T Accessory Machine.
  • Protective Personal Equipments Machine.

A .We are available on 24/7 customer care .When you contact us on 906 906 7 906, your service order is logged into our database and your vending machine is flagged in our system. We can have your issue corrected within 4 working hours and we will follow-up with you to make sure that your service order was corrected.

A: In case of Wallet Payment the refund tact time will be as per bank and Cashless payment through App will be automatically refunded within 48 working hours of receipt.

A: Vending machines are filled once daily as per consumption.

A: There are 30 to 100 Product choices in Vending Machine

A. To power a vending machine, it requires 15 AMP.

A. The safety & security of the machine would be organization‘s responsibility where the vending machine is placed at your premises. Choosing the best location with CCTV Surveillance would be covered to prevent any vandalism

A. For Installation of Vending Machine the requirements are:
Space, electric point and storage space/cupboard.

A. Perishable food products should be shelved between 0 to 5 degree temperature or it can easily get spoiled and cause food poisoning & normal machine do not support this temperature zone.

A. Crane offers more selections and flexibility.
Multiple Shopping Cart Capability.
Use of Green technology to reduce Carbon Footprint.
Automatic Temperature Control.
Online Inventory Tracking
No Condensation or Water Spillage on Glass door.
Sure Vend technology which reliably delivers products.
Health control.
Inbuilt touch screen & not retrofitted.
Contemporary & Aesthetic design.
Very sturdy & durable.

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